Guitar Information


Covington MS FAA currently has 3 guitar levels: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced


Guitar 2023 Handbook

Beginning Guitar

This ensemble is for 6th grade students with little or no experience with classical guitar. Beginning guitar is designed to teach students the basics of playing classical guitar.

Intermediate Guitar

This ensemble is open to any student, regardless of grade level, that has not been accepted into advanced guitar. intermediate guitar is designed to review and strengthen fundamental note reading and technical skills. Some beginning guitar students may be promoted to intermediate guitar 2nd semester and some students in this class may be promoted to advanced guitar 2nd semester or the following year. If you are new to Covington with any level of experience, please contact Mr. Hernandez-Trejo (, To audition and determine which ensemble is right for you (beginning, intermediate or advanced).

Advanced Guitar

This ensemble is for the most motivated classical guitar students at Covington fine arts academy. While this ensemble gets to play and practice more challenging and fun music, this class has the highest standards and expectations for work ethic and behavior! “Honor orchestra” students are expected to participate at all scheduled and new performance opportunities.

“Small Guitar Ensemble” is a student-led, volunteer-based group of the highest level and most dedicated advanced guitar students at covington. The Small Guitar Ensemble meets during class and after school once a week and will have several performance opportunities throughout the year. One 7th grader and one 8th grader will serve as leaders who will audition and rehearse the group, as well as communicate performance opportunities. “Small Guitar Ensemble” members are the best representatives of Covington Fine Arts Academy!