Orchestra Information


Covington MS FAA currently has 4 Orchestras:
Beginning, Intermediate (String), Advanced (Honor), and Pops Orchestra



click below to view the past years handbook (2022) These are for reference only. Be sure to read and sign the latest (2023) handbook once it becomes available!
2022 Handbook and Form for Orchestra (English)
2022 Handbook and Form for Orchestra (Spanish)

Beginning Orchestra

This orchestra is for students with little or no experience on the violin, viola, cello or bass. Beginning Orchestra is designed to teach students the basics of playing a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello and bass). Typically, this orchestra is for 6th graders; however, it is open to 7th graders, as well.  Being enrolled in beginning orchestra is required to be a member of “Select Strings.” (below)

“Select Strings” is a group of the most committed and hard working Beginning Orchestra students. Being admitted into “Select Strings”is based upon attending all Friday rehearsals (or providing the appropriate written excuse). Additionally, this group is for students with good behavior, no referrals, passing grades, and NO owed work (grade of 100% for the year) in orchestra. This group will get to attend the Elementary Recruiting Tour (see calendar), which includes performances at our 5 feeding Elementary Schools and lunch at GattiTown!

*Intermediate Orchestra (String)

This orchestra is for students with at least “some” experience with a stringed instrument. “String Orchestra” is designed to be for students of any grade level. Some beginning students may be promoted to String Orchestra 2nd semester and some students in this orchestra may be promoted to the Advanced Orchestra 2nd semester or the following year. If you are new to Covington with any level of experience, please contact Mr. Hall, 512-841-3724 or [emailob email=”jeffrey.hall@austinisd.org”], to audition and determine which ensemble is right for you (Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced).

​*Advanced Orchestra (Honor)

This orchestra is for the most motivated orchestra students at Covington Fine Arts Academy. “Honor Orchestra” students are expected to participate at ALL scheduled and new performance opportunities.

*Being enrolled in a performing orchestra ensemble, “String” or “Honor,” is required to be a member of Pops Orchestra

Pops Orchestra

This orchestra is for students who want to have DOUBLE the amazing experience of playing a string instrument.  This class focuses less on technique and exercises and focuses almost entirely on playing a variety of “fun” and “cool” music chosen by the students in the class. Music choices may include popular music, rock, oldies, film music, tv theme songs, and much more!  The goal of this performing group is to perform as much as possible on campus, and in Austin, to promote the Covington Fine Arts Program.