Guitar Supply List


​Classical Guitar With Nylon Strings

Click here to view an informative YouTube video that explains the difference between a standard steel-string acoustic guitar and a nylon string classical guitar. 

Finding a quality guitar is essential for beginner students.
You may go to any reputable string shop to buy a classical guitar; however, we recommend Westbank String Shop (6301 Menchaca Rd, 512-326-4898,
Currently, Westbank is offering a FANTASTIC DEAL for a guitar/supply bundle (full sized classical guitar, guitar bag, tuner/metronome, footstool, extra set of strings, PLUS the “Classical Guitar for Young People” repertoire book).
Strait Music is also a great option. They have a great selection of student instruments, and they often offer discounts if you mention you are in a school music program.
Please talk to Mr. Hernandez before purchasing an instrument online. It is best to avoid cheap/discounted instruments from online vendors. If it seems “too good to be true,” it probably is.

Classroom supplies:

  • “Classical Guitar for Young People”– this book is very important and can be bought either at this website or at Westbank String Shop –
  • Large Black 3-ring binder (at least 1.5”)
  • Mechanical pencils with erasers (no pens)
  • clear sheet inserts (for class handouts and sheet music)
  • Zippered pencil bag for binder
  • Nail file (students are required to maintain their nails. Excessively long left-hand nails or acrylic nails will prevent students from learning proper technique)

Practice/Home supplies:

  • Electronic tuner/metronome (tuners that attach to instruments are very beneficial)
  • Wire folding music stands for at home practice
  • Extra set of Classical Guitar Strings – medium tension
  • Nail clippers – students will need to keep their left-hand nails short.

Optional Donation items for the Classroom:

  • 6th grade – Shelf Stable Student Snack Stash – say that 5 times fast! (1 or more items, i.e bags of chips/popcorn, bottled water, cereal bars, goldfish, fruit snacks, trail mix, chex mix, soda, etc…)
  • 7th grade – Decoration Items (especially poster board, rugs, colorful sharpies, markers and paint pens, utility and decorative tapes, wall art, etc.)
  • 8th grade – Hand Sanitizer or Box of Tissues
  • Optional: This year, our booster club has helped us create a CMS Strings wishlist. All of the optional donation items on the wishlist go directly to our students/program!  Guitar class wishlist – click here to view

We have a very limited amount of loaner instruments for students. If you are interested in checking out a school guitar, fill out the form below:

Drop off/pick up school instruments –
Please contact with questions.