Orchestra Supply List


Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass

You may go to any reputable string shop to buy/rent instruments; however, we recommend Westbank String Shop (6301 Menchaca Rd, 512-326-4898, www.westbankstringshop.com).
Please talk to Mr. Hall before purchasing an instrument (ESPECIALLY ONLINE). It is STRONGLY discouraged to buy an instrument from vendors like Amazon and Walmart, or to buy colored instruments! If it seems “too good to be true,” it probably is.


Classroom supplies:

  • Large Black 3-ring binder (at least 1.5”) with 10 clear sheet inserts and notebook paper
  • Pencils with erasers
  • Zippered Pencil bag for binder
  • Supplemental handouts – rhythms sheets, scale sheets, fingering charts
  • Cleaning Cloth

Practice/Home supplies:

  • Bow (all instruments)
  • Shoulder Rest/Pad (for violins/violas), Bow, Light Rosin (for violins/viola bows)
  • Chair Anchor (for Cellos), Dark Rosin (for cello bows)
  • Donut/Rock-stop (for Basses), Kolstein Rosin (for bass bows
  • Electronic tuner/metronome (tuners that attach to instruments are very beneficial)
  • Wire folding music stands for at home practice
  • Extra set of good quality strings (recommended for all, required for violin/viola)

Optional Donation items for the Classroom:

  • 6th grade – Decoration Items (especially poster board, rugs, colorful sharpies, markers and paint pens, utility and decorative tapes, wall art, etc.)
  • 7th grade – Box of Tissue
  • 8th grade – Hand Sanitizer

Drop off/pick up school instruments – https://forms.gle/XbeheZMx9E4QSpQf9
Please contact jeffrey.hall@austinisd.org with questions.