INTRODUCTION: This handbook is for parents and students. Since your children will be members of a competitive and performing organization, certain rules and regulations must be followed to ensure the quality of the Covington Fine Arts Academy Orchestra Program. Please READ the handbook carefully and COMPLETE THE FORMS where indicated. Completing the forms and turning them in to the director is part of your child’s grade. Keep the information portion of the handbook for future reference.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Covington FAA Orchestra Program will utilize everything that the music experience offers to provide a positive and successful learning experience for our students. Orchestra will also offer students the opportunity to achieve musical excellence through the study of violin, viola, violoncello, and string bass, as well as to provide students with the opportunity to play some of the finest music literature. Decades of studies show how music helps to promote brain function, creativity, leadership, dedication, and teamwork, as well as to improve grades in all subject areas. Our students’ experiences in Orchestra will stay with them for the rest of their lives and contribute to their future success in the workplace and as model citizens.


ORCHESTRA HONOR CODE: I will . . . Be on time Be prepared Be respectful Be responsible Be a team player


CAMPUS CLASS EXPECTATIONS: STAR  – S it up and listen  – T rack the speaker  – A sk and Answer questions  – R espect the learning environment


ORCHESTRA COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: I will . . . Be a member of the orchestra program for the entire year Achieve academic excellence in all courses Complete all assigned course work and exceed all teacher’s expectations Commit to be at school daily to learn Demonstrate self-control in my behavior and accept responsibility for my choices

Orchestra Hall Expectations / Facilities / Discipline Procedures CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS (refusing to meet these expectations will result in the discipline procedures). Remember: “BE, LIKE, TRY, GET” – BE nice, LIKE music, TRY your best, GET better. Absolutely no chewing gum. Enter and exit the orchestra hall quickly and quietly. Remain quiet during rehearsals and follow all directions. Do not touch or play someone else’s instrument including the piano (touching/playing an instrument other than your own without permission may result in a detention/referral). Keep hands and feet to yourself. NO HORSE-PLAYING IN C-BUILDING/CLASSROOM!!! Keep the classroom clean (loosen your bows, put away your rock stops, anchors, and all supplies).

FACILITIES:  The Orchestra Hall is considered the students’ “working home” during the school day. We want our students to enjoy our facilities and equipment by treating the whole learning environment with RESPECT. The C-building (orchestra hall) will be open daily at 8:10 a.m. to allow students to drop off their instrument to their assigned lockers/spaces. Practice time is available Tuesday through Thursday at 7:45 a.m. You may request to schedule parent/teacher conferences during this time! The Orchestra Hall doors are locked at 7:45 a.m. If a student arrives after 7:45 a.m., they must have an orchestra pass for access to the C-building (Orchestra Hall). If students are caught off-task or disruptive, they will be asked to leave. Only current orchestra students are allowed into the orchestra hall. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students may not enter the C-building without permission. Please knock before entering the Orchestra Office. Do NOT enter without permission.

DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES: We want to make sure your student receives the full benefits of being in orchestra. To do so, it is crucial for the classroom environment to remain positive and free from anything that may disrupt the learning process. Some students may choose to behave in a way that prevents their ability and the ability of others to learn. Depending on the severity of behavior, and staying consistent with Covington Fine Arts Academy school-wide rules, students will receive the following consequences for misbehavior, in this order: Warning Phone Call Home/Reflection Assignment Lunch Detention – failure to attend will result in after-school detention (1 hour) Office Referral – this may affect field trips and placement into advanced classes







*Click Me* Draft of Orchestra Handbook 2023-24 (Due August 25)